Sunday, March 3, 2013

Find Events and Lectures with Science in DC!

I have exciting news for all of you citizen scientists in the Washington, DC area.  My new web site has just been launched!  It focuses on science events, lectures, and news in DC area, and it's the perfect place for us to build a new community of science lovers.  Featuring a calendar of all science-related events that you may be interested in, this should be your one-stop shop for getting involved with science at any level.

The city is filled with like-minded citizen scientists but we've never had a place to congregate.  So I hope you all join me and help build a thriving local community.

Stop by today to check out the web site, or join me in the social space on Facebook at or on Twitter at @ScienceinDC.  The fun is just beginning, but there is plenty more to come!

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