Thursday, January 27, 2011

Climbing to the (Prize) Summit

This recently came to my attention and I thought some of you might be interested.  Especially any citizen scientists over in Europe and close to the action.

The London School of Business and it's sponsors are hosting The Prize Summit on April 8, 2011.  Billed as the "First ever global summit on prizes and competitions" this summit will help build the platform to an ultimate goal of creating an independent, international forum for organizers of crowdsourcing competitions and innovation contests.  Although the regular public is not seen as the primary audience we are very interested in what comes out of the meeting and what it holds for future developments in the field.

The primary audience members are government officials, sponsors, and organizers that create and benefit from the prizes.  Participants will be discussing lessons from previous competitions, exploring the many issues surrounding the field, and comparing best practices from every one's combined experiences. 

The Summit describes competitions as the new drivers of innovation and we'll be watching for the interesting developments to come out of it.  Here's hoping we see some exciting innovations come out of this conference as well as the competitions they discuss!