Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catching a Fallen Star!

We've all seen meteors flash across the sky.  It's an awe-inspiring sight to watch as an ancient rock ends its billion-mile journey in our atmosphere.  But have you ever actually found one after it fell?!?!

Last week LifesLittleMysteries published an article on "How to Find a Meteorite in 5 Steps".  It's a quick and simple guide, much like the "Getting Started is Easy" steps we provide for projects on this site.  It's also a great reminder that interesting science remains available to anyone, you just have to know where, and how, to look.   You might even earn some money doing it.  As we learn in the article:

Go ahead and put it on your mantle, but please take a moment to share news of your find with scientists. Though thousands of meteorites have been catalogued already, each new one is a fresh data point, and could contain a key to one of the many unanswered questions about the solar system's formation and evolution....If you need further incentive for finding something that was forged at the birth of our sun and contains secrets about the nature of our solar system, there's this: Space rocks are worth as much as $1,000 per gram.

So what are you waiting for...get hunting!

I should also note that this is exactly the type of article highlighted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  This one was too good to pass up and got posted here.  But most don't.  Instead I focus on citizen science project descriptions, opinion pieces, and larger articles in this blog and leave the smaller items for my social media sites.  So don't just read one...read both!  Sign up now and donit miss a thing.