Monday, September 26, 2011

Coming Soon: Exciting Improvements for OpenScientist

Wow. Its hard to believe I've published over 80 posts and discussed over 70 different citizen science projects and tools on this blog already. It's been a lot of fun and just the beginning as I look forward to many more posts. But it's time to start entering the next phase.

One of the best things is knowing that I've already discussed a large number of different important projects. Certainly not every project available but a wide variety of the most popular, highest quality, and most accessible projects developed so far. This is the critical mass I hope to build upon in this next phase. You can see the benefits in some of commentary and analysis pieces I've posted recently. Discussions of what citizen science is, different classifications of citizen science, whether these should include distributed computing, and my call for more bounty projects have sparked many great discussions and inspired me to emphasize these thought-provoking types of posts in the future.

I'm also committing to a more regular schedule of updates. So expect new posts at least twice a week every Tuesday and Friday morning. Of course I hope to have many more outside that schedule. But I wanted to make at least that commitment for you.

Another change you may have already noticed is the web address changing to be much easier to find. So instead of the long blogspot address you can reach this blog directly at All my posts have also been moved to the new address but don't worry, all the old links (along with your bookmarks and blog links) will still reach the same place.

Finally, what about content? Expect more compilation pages organizing the projects we've talked about in one easy-to-find place. Expect commentaries on reasons for private businesses to invest in citizen science, ways for workers to expand their employability with citizen science, and secrets to designing a successful citizen science project. Expect more of the citizen science projects you love.

And continue to expect my favorite saying...Getting Started is Easy.