Saturday, June 4, 2011

Firing One of the Biggest Model Rockets Ever...

Photo by Thomas Pedersen, Copenhagen Suborbitals
Congratulations to Copenhagen!

This is a project we haven't been following but yesterday's big accomplishment demands attention.  The scrappy group of amateur citizen scientists at Copenhagen Suborbitals successfully launched their Heat 1-X rocket after years of steady work.  We still await details on how high it went or any issues they encountered, but whatever the final numbers this is still an outstanding achievement.

The group's goal is eventually launching a human into space.  This launch of the Heat 1-X rocket with the Tycho Brahe spacecraft is yet another in a series of steps to making that possible.  But as always with science, steady patience (with lots of experimentation) wins the race.  I could write much more about what they are doing next, but your best bet is reading it yourself on their website at

A few members of the US media have been following the group and are also publishing follow-up stories.  So you can also check out articles in places such as Engadget or MSNBC for more information.